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Is this a Bottom?

Posted by Gizo Ujarmeli on Saturday, April 7, 2012 In : Real Estate 
  • When you work with many buyers and realize, there is an Accepted Offer on home, that has been listed for no longer 24 Hours and by no means you are a slow agent
  • When your buyers think, they will take time to think it over and next day as they want to make an offer, there is another competing offer on house
  • When your fellow realtors are as busy, as you are and you are so busy showing homes, that there is no time to put another extra showing per day for another buyer
  • When you are almost happy, whe...

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Good Timing:)

Posted by Gizo Ujarmeli on Saturday, January 21, 2012
Recently I stopped at the Property that has been listed before with other company and expired. Knocked at the door. Owner invited me into the house. As I conitiued with my pre listing speech owner stopped me and asked, what company are you working with?
I told my company name, which happens to be within 1 mile radius of the property. Owner looked at me and said " Well, great you stopped, I was actually looking to come to your company myself and list the property, I am not happy with previous c...
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Working with Divorced Women...

Posted by Gizo Ujarmeli on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 In : Real Estate 
Listing Agent is asking Buyers Agent: "When are you going to bring me an Offer on my listing?"
Buyers Agent: " You know my Buyer just got divorced and she needs lots of counseling, I am almost about to become a doctor for her, instead of being Realtor"
Listings Agent: " No, you can't be her doctor, since she has been married with Doctor already and she is divorced "
Buyers Agent: " I guess I need to become, someone more than Doctor for her "
Listings Agent: " Possibly you need to become her broth...
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I guess it can!

Posted by Gizo Ujarmeli on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 In : Real Estate 
Real Estate Agent is telling to a buyer " There has never been a better time to buy a home, home prices are so low it Can't get any better"  Market kept declining and couple of Month later, Agent and Buyer meet again and Agent says " I guess it can" 

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