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1010 Franklin Street
Sold for $797,945
February 2014

To: My new forever people,

Dear Potential New Family:

Well, I guess they have decided that I need a new family to take care of me. I am a big

one and I love giving parties an having kids sleeping in my bedrooms.

I know I have been loved, so I’m okay with their decision to move on to a smaller place.

I also know that my people love projects and I am about out of that need. I was built in 1926 to a family named Evans. They had a maid and she had her own room

at the top of the back staircase. She even had a buzzer to call: my' then people to serve

them". One of their children was Jean who married a fella named Wergin who had a

thriving construction business in Wausau. After the Evans family moved on, they sold me to Sam Winkelman. This name might be familiar to you as he was owner of Winkelman’s Department store where Washington Square is currently located. I remember Sam sitting in my Den which is now my grand entry. He would sit for hours and watch the action

on Franklin St. After Sam left me, The Roy Larsen family moved in.

The family was raised within my walls for quite some time. Dr. Larsen was the

Wausau Insurance Physician for many years. Again...my walls called for a new occupant.

His name was George Luccow. As I remember, He has two kids (teenagers I believe).

Well, George’s family split an therefore I wasn’t suited for just George.

This brings me to my current people, Brian and Sandy. They found me in 1989. Wow,

was I in for some changes. I didn’t realize that I was in need of upgrades and repairs but they convinced me to cooperate with their plans. My wallpaper came down, my 1960’s kitchen went out the door. My walls and woodwork were given a fresh new coat of paint. I had a few leaks and wrinkles but who

wouldn’t at my age. My garden was made new again and even on the tour o

f gardens one year. My Gumness’s did awesome with my Garden and mostly by

themselves. A few years went by and I heard them planning once again. Seemed to be a hobby of my lady. The next thing I new...a dumpster arrived...construction crew moved in...plans were laid out and I was stripped of my walls and pipes and wires and cabinets. I didn’t know what hit me but by this time I had learned to trust

the people who loved me. I was added on to...re-plumbed....rewired...new dry

wall...new cabinets...new bathroom fixtures...new kitchen. Even my garage was taken

down and rebuilt as a 3 stall with a cozy studio upstairs. Who knew I could be all that

. My basement became a family room with fine trimmings, including a wine cellar and even a caterers kitchen and sauna. The light streamed in from my new doors leading to a lower level stone patio. My kitchen was also a family plan. Designed by Brian’s sister, Kristin Breitzman, I now have Marble countertops, Chefs cook top, double ovens, twin Fridges, two dishwashers, pot filler, prep sink. I will be in style forever.

In addition to my smoke-in’ hot kitchen, she gave me an office for my Masters to come

up with more ideas or perhaps for some new kids coming to do their homework in style.

My woodwork was new but they found a way to copy molding. I’ll bet you can’t see the

difference. Floors were shinned to their original glow and new wood floor were added

where there had been none. Did I mention that I now have 4 fireplaces? I can

warm my masters in their bedroom, their living and lower level party room. I also have one in the upstairs of the garage. I am a heating Queen. My radiant in floor heat is something to behold. My mechanical room like a submarine. I now have a most unique beautiful master bath where my ‘lady’ can soak in a whirlpool tub. She has tons of beautiful mirrored closets, two vanities and get this....I serve them with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ water closets. How cool am I??? My first guest room has a jetted tub as well and is a joy to hang in. The second guest room has it own bath as also. My fourth guest room is one of my favors. It’s like a tree house and easily accessible to the Masters and the upstairs laundry room which by the way used to keep maid. For that reason, I would be a wonderful nursery or sitting room for my people to enjoy a glass of wine and talk over the day. Now...I must tell you about my new facelift. I have a new cedar shake roof and real cedar shingles that dress me for all to see. My pride wells up inside when I see people slow down and admire or stop and take a picture. It took four years to do this and all the while my people stayed with me and held my hand through the process.

There have been a few bumps in the road but my people care enough to always see that they are corrected. Here is what I feel inside of me: I have happy people who’s love for each other makes me feel good. I give them good energy and my walls keeps them safe and warm and cool when it’s hot outside. I let in

the sunlight on the cloudiest days. I love feeling their hand on my staircase hand rail or

when I hear music from my walls. I love when their kids and grandkids come to fill my house with even more love and energy. Did I tell you that I can hold a lot of people at one time. They let me have a party and I took in over 100 people with great ease. Most

of them would wander my hallways and staircases to see what was around each corner.

My people liked that. They were very proud of me. I heard my lady say that she feel so

warm and safe within my walls. How wonderful am Ito be able to do that. I am big in

size for sure but best yet, I am of big heart. Another thing....my people have 3 large Golden Retrievers (Sam, Gus and Abby) who live within my walls as well. They have a beautiful kennel which they think is only for guests. But they also have an underground fence to keep them out of harms way. So, why? .... do you ask, are my people moving ? Well...they’ve told me that I need a big family again and Masters that love to party and live close to our wonderful downtown. Franklin Street, is a street of energy and fall and

winter beauty. I have a world class Art Museum right across the street which brings everything from world visitors to people with hometown pride as well as many groups of children walking like a string of beads to view a new exhibit. Imagine, this is right in my hood. My current family wants to create again. A smaller house to take care of. Much of their free time is spent at the lake so I guess, though they love me, they are ready to make the change. I will miss their tender loving care and hope they choose the right people for me. Sincerely yours, 1010 Franklin Street

By Owners: Brian & Sandy Gumness 1990-Present 

Gizo Ujarmeli Coldwell Banker Action, 928 Grand Avenue, Schofield, WI, 54476 715 680-0600

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